About Ranson


"As a baker I was looking for the right margarine for my preparations. It was so difficult to find that in 1948 I decided to start the distribution of it myself. And so family business Ranson came into existence."

- Founder Lucien Ranson -


Quality-focused efforts in 32 countries

What you see: a seemingly simple Ranson product. What you don’t see: an impressive quest on different continents for the best growing conditions for quality ingredients or products. We currently grow and select raw materials, which we then incorporate into our products, in 32 countries. From our fruit varieties to chocolate decorations: we know the source of our entire range exactly. The quality we offer today has taken a great deal of time and energy to achieve. But our patience has paid off in the nicest way, as we now see how customers take our products to heart, and even the world's largest manufacturers purchase and process Ranson Industries products.


You are our mission

Our mission at Ranson sounds simple, but it is so important: to be worthy of our customers’ trust. Together with our 300 employees, we work every day to give you the best quality at the right price; and in the way that is most optimal for you. All the best for you.