New Sales Director for Ranson Industries

Ranson signs Frank D'Hondt as Sales Director for Ranson Industries

Ranson is always in search of the best raw materials and know-how for Ranson Industries. In this search we have signed Frank D'Hondt as our new Sales Director. Frank has built up a proven commercial experience in B2B food and animal feed ingredients in various international companies as Barry Callebaut, kemin, Sumitomo Chemicals, Tate&Lyle.

To get to know him better, we have asked him to answer a few questions.

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In which way will you fill in your job title as sales director?

As Sales Director Ranson Industries, my goal is to empower our dedicated sales team with the necessary products to create happy industry customers. With a tool-box consisting of a rich product portfolio, back office support to make things happen and swift logistics meaning on-time delivery, we can make a difference.

Ranson Industries is also know as a super wholesaler how can this be an asset to a smaller wholesaler?

Service standards get ever higher in a globalized world. As a ‘Super Wholesaler’, we manage this complexity and can deliver the traceability and quality our industry customers need to provide their own sales channel. These can be local wholesalers but as well industry customers starting up new projects which still need to be scaled up in a later phase of the product lifecycle.

What is the advantage of having your own production unit?

The consumer today is more and more orientated to trendy, seasonal foods, trying to personalize his purchase, look for sustainable and healthy claims and in the end feel a bit unique. So the one-fit-for-all product is losing market share and a flexible production is required to cope with this. Ranson Industries has various production locations which can manage such demands. The operations team is involved not only in scheduling production runs, but also labelling and packaging design are done in-house. Therefore Industry and Retail are welcome to meet us to work out and discuss concepts and projects.

Nobody has a crystal ball but how would you predict the future for Ranson Industries?

Although Ranson Industries is already selling in more than 30 countries, we still see great potential to expand out of Belgium . Thanks to our logistic set up, we can obviously grow in our neighbouring countries and at the same time we will look to similar solutions in other territories further away. Also, as we all got used to shopping more online during COVID-19, I could imagine that even Industry customers will move partly to the Ranson webshop or similar tool. And then the world is in our reach 24 hours a day. All the best !

Contact Frank

Phone: +32(0)471 80 20 64