Ranson Industries Energy Bars

Ranson Industries Energy Bars

Here at Ranson Industries, we’re all about sourcing the best ingredients and developing new products with and for our customers. That’s why sports nutritiongiant Etixx trusted us with the development of a new line of energy bars. From our expertise in working with almonds and other nuts, we are the ideal partner to develop and produce nut-based products like this. Resulting in six different protein bars, all brimming with nuts, enriched with seeds and fruits and star ingrediënt magnesium, the mineral responsible for faster muscular recovery and stronger bones.

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Calling sports nutrition a trend is almost an understatement, as athletes - professionals and amateurs alike - are approaching their disciplines of choice with growing awareness, body-consciousness, and professionalism. Consequently, giving their bodies the right nutrients in an easy, convenient way is high on these athlete’s priority lists. All this makes the demand for sports nutrition, like energy en protein bars, peak. Leaving specialised brands like Etixx with the need to develop their own specific products. We are glad we could help!

& you?

Interested in developing a tailor-made product with us, crafted especially for you and your customers? Do not hesitate to contact Charlotte Ranson with your challenge. We’re sure we can figure out something together.