Security is a constant job

Friday 11 January 2019, for every Ranson employee, this day is etched in his memory. That day the entire network was down. Now just over 2 years and a lot of experience later, we had the opportunity to host Prime Minister Alexander De Croo together with the CCB - Centre for Cyber security in Belgium on the issue of the increasing number of cyber attacks.

We are proud that we could share our experiences with the Prime Minister and the CCB. These problems are not only present in companies but also in private individuals. From the business manager who says you must quickly transfer money to an unknown bank account to a supplier who sends an e-mail to pay the invoice to another bank account.

he Prime Minister, together with the centre for cyber security, wants to invest in the infrastructure and the people, which is a positive signal to the outside world. But as manager, stimulating the cyber security reflex among the employees is the most important task next to, of course, investing in the security of the network.

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