Market info - Turkish raisins

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Although Turkish sultana farmers are dissatisfied with the purchase prices of the TMO, as they had expected significantly higher offers, they currently prefer to sell their raw materials to the state organisation.

Exports from Turkey have been going very well so far. In the first weeks of the new season, a total of 15,904 mt of sultanas and raisins were shipped overseas. Last week, the export volume of 6,519 mt was even 600 mt higher than the result of the same week last year.

According to market players, about 20,000 farmers have agreed on delivery dates with the TMO. The state organisation is paying around TRY 13.00/kg for sultanas, type 9 this season. Although the growers had expected much higher prices and have made their displeasure known, the TMO is currently the preferred trading partner. This is because the prices on the Izmir commodity exchange for sultanas, type 9 are currently only TRY 12.00/kg. However, many farmers are not willing to sell below the bid prices of the TMO. Tariş, however, has not yet accepted any sales enquiries.

Prices for organic sultanas, however, cannot be pushed down so easily. Farmers demand at least TRY 16/kg, which many exporters shy away from. Thanks to the weakening of the Turkish lira, export prices are nevertheless unchanged. Freight costs are still significantly more expensive than usual, now at USD 60/mt.

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